JavaScript Beginning to Advance Course

JavaScript Beginning to Advance Course
JavaScript Beginning to Advance Course

Why Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is among the most powerful and flexible programming languages of the web. It powers the dynamic behavior on most websites, including this one.

Take-Away Skills:

You will learn JavaScript Beginning to Advance concepts using the latest JavaScript syntax. The concepts covered in these lessons lay the foundation for using JavaScript in any environment.


Chapter 1.Introduction

Section 1.1.Meet JavaScript
Section 1.2.Background
Section 1.3.JavaScript In Action
Section 1.4 Run Your First JavaScript Code

Chapter 2. How JavaScript Works

Section 2.1.Syntax
Section 2.2.Mode of JavaScript

Chapter 3. JavaScript Language Basics

Section 3.1.Syntax
Section 3.2.Mode of JavaScript JAVASCRIPT Where to
Section 3.3.JAVASCRIPT Output
Section 3.4.JAVASCRIPT Statements
Section 3.5.JAVASCRIPT Comments
Section 3.6.JAVASCRIPT Variables
Section 3.7.JAVASCRIPT Let
Section 3.8.JAVASCRIPT Const
Section 3.9.JAVASCRIPT Operators
Section 3.10.JAVASCRIPT Arithmetic
Section 3.11.JAVASCRIPT Assignment
Section 3.12.JAVASCRIPT Data Types
Section 3.13.JAVASCRIPT Booleans
Section 3.14.JAVASCRIPT Comparisons
Section 3.15.JAVASCRIPT Conditions
Section 3.16.JAVASCRIPT Switch
Section 3.17.JAVASCRIPT Loops
Section 3.18.JAVASCRIPT Break, Continue, goto
Section 3.19.JAVASCRIPT Type Conversion

Chapter 4. JAVASCRIPT Functions

Section 4.1.Function Definitions
Section 4.2.Function Parameters
Section 4.3.Function Invocation
Section 4.4.Function Call
Section 4.5.Function Apply
Section 4.6.Function Closures
Section 4.7.JAVASCRIPT Arrow Function
Section 4.8.JAVASCRIPT Math Functions
Section 4.9.JavaScript Hoisting
Section 4.10.JavaScript Recursion

Chapter 5. JAVASCRIPT Objects

Section 5.1.JAVASCRIPT Classes
Section 5.2.Object Definitions
Section 5.3.Object Properties
Section 5.4.this Keyword
Section 5.5.Object Methods
Section 5.6.Object Accessors
Section 5.7.Object Constructors
Section 5.8.Object Prototypes
Section 5.9.Strings Object & String Methods
Section 5.10.Numbers Object & Number Methods
Section 5.12.JavaScript Getters and Setters
Section 5.13.JavaScript Prototype

Chapter 6. JAVASCRIPT Events

Chapter 7.JAVASCRIPT Arrays

Section 7.1. Array Methods
Section 7.2. Array Sort
Section 7.3. Array Iteration

Chapter 8. JAVASCRIPT Dates

Section 8.1.JAVASCRIPT Date Formats
Section 8.2.JAVASCRIPT Date Get Methods
Section 8.3.JAVASCRIPT Date Set Methods


Section 9.1.DOM Intro
Section 9.2.DOM Methods
Section 9.3.DOM Document
Section 9.4.DOM Elements
Section 9.5.DOM HTML
Section 9.6.DOM CSS
Section 9.7.DOM Animations
Section 9.8.DOM Events
Section 9.10.DOM Event Listener
Section 9.11.DOM Navigation
Section 9.12.DOM Nodes
Section 9.13.DOM Collections
Section 9.14.DOM Node Lists

Chapter 10. JAVASCRIPT Browser BOM

Section 10.1.JAVASCRIPT Window
Section 10.2.JAVASCRIPT Screen
Section 10.3.JAVASCRIPT Location
Section 10.4.JAVASCRIPT History
Section 10.5.JAVASCRIPT Navigator
Section 10.6.JAVASCRIPT Popup Alert
Section 10.7.JAVASCRIPT Timing
Section 10.8.JAVASCRIPT Cookies

Chapter 11.JavaScript Exceptions & Modules

Section 11.1.JavaScript try…catch…finally
Section 11.2.JavaScript throw Statement
Section 11.3.JavaScript Modules

Chapter 12. JavaScript ES6

Section 12.1.JavaScript Arrow Function
Section 12.2.JavaScript Default Parameters
Section 12.3.JavaScript Template Literals
Section 12.4.JavaScript Spread Operator
Section 12.5.JavaScript Map
Section 12.6.JavaScript Set
Section 12.7.JS Destructuring Assignment
Section 12.8.JavaScript Classes
Section 12.9.JavaScript Inheritance
Section 12.10.JavaScript for…of Loop
Section 12.11.JavaScript Proxies
Section 12.12.JavaScript Asynchronous
Section 12.13.JavaScript setTimeout()
Section 12.14.JavaScript CallBack
Section 12.15.JavaScript Promises
Section 12.16.JavaScript async/await
Section 12.17.JavaScript setInterval()

Chapter 13. JS Miscellaneous

Section 13.1.JavaScript JSON
Section 13.2.JavaScript Date and Time
Section 13.3.JavaScript Closures
Section 13.4.JavaScript this
Section 13.5.JavaScript ‘use strict’
Section 13.6.JS Iterators and Iterables
Section 13.7.JavaScript Generators
Section 13.8.JavaScript Regex
Section 13.9.JavaScript Browser Debugging
Section 13.10.Uses of JavaScript